I am a (frontend) developer from Groningen, The Netherlands. I care deeply about learning new things and enjoy passing that knowledge on in a form that enables others to use it. I love making easy-to-use tools that support people in creating great things, and help them to write and tell the stories of their own lives.

Our world is changing ever more quickly. Interaction between people and machines is becoming more common. Devices need to become better at interacting with human beings, rather than the other way around. And if they are to interact with us naturally, machines must learn to understand the world around us. Our interaction with the digital world will one day overlap seamlessly with our interaction with the physical world, of that I have no doubt. We’ve come so very far in the last few decades, and we have so much further to go still.

Besides this site, you can also follow me on Twitter and read my (more philosophical) articles on Medium. You can also contact me directly.